Asking for It by Louise O’Neill – Book Review *spoiler alerts*

It’s a relatively small town in Ireland. There’s a bunch of teenagers who hang out together, but the queen bee is Emma, who is beautiful, but doesn’t always treat her friends all that nicely. They like to go out and have a few drinks, go to parties, sometimes there might be some drugs around. Sometimes, they have sex, sometimes things get a bit wild. But when Emma has a blackout one night, she figures everything will be ok – and then she gets to school on Monday, and everything has changed.

There is a lot of talk about how young people interact now that things like sexting and the internet are around – with easy accessibility to large amounts and type of pornography, has this changed the way people have sex? And what is posted online? And then there is the whole discussion on consent and victim blaming and reputations and how a single night can change the path for someone. It was an interesting choice to have Emma as quite an unlikable character initially, as it can shape how we, as the reader, view what happens to her, and what happens afterwards. It was an interesting take, and it certainly played out in a believable way. I didn’t want the story to end – but then, I also wanted things to be different for Emma. But that’s books, isn’t it?

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