The Song of Us by J. D. Barrett – Book Review

Zoe was a concert harpist playing internationally until an incident put her career on hold and she returned to her home in Bondi to regroup. Five years later she is having a relationship with a man unable to leave his ill wife, watching the affairs of those around her and playing music to those in hospital dying. It is one of her clients who challenges her, forcing Zoe to make some tough choices. How is she going to live her life?

It’s always fascinating to me how a good writer can create a character who is making terrible choices (especially choices that are quite immoral or just plain nasty) and still have the audience on side. Barrett creates great characters who have these dilemmas and don’t always make the healthiest choices for themselves, but you can’t help but be by their side. I was cheering Zoe on – well, at times, I was just yelling at her to sort herself out, but the whole time, she was my gal and I wanted to see her treated right. Oh, and June? And Clem? Gold.

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