Pecking Order (2017) MIFF Review

Two years away from their 150 year anniversary, the Christchurch Poultry, Bantam and Pigeon Club are facing challenges – how do you appeal to the local youth, to stay (or become?) relevant in these modern days? And what if you have differing opinions within the club about who is the best person to take you through these changes?

I can’t tell what I enjoyed the most about this film – the politics of these folks, watching them get their chickens ready for the competitions, or those beautiful slow motion shots of chickens doing chicken things. It’s a great film – a real laugh, but director Slavko Martinov has created a narrative that made me fall absolutely in love with each and every character. It was just so disappointing to learnt that the 150 year celebration was held at the end of June this year. I would have loved to have been there – but you can see photos at

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