Through the Zombie Glass By Gena Showalter (Book Review)

This is the second book in The White Rabbit Chronicles., which follow Alice Bell as she navigates her way through life in a world with zombies that most people can’t see. But she and a group of friends can not only see them, they can fight them. Not only that, there are a group who train and patrol and kill. But there are bad good guys too – an evil company who is manipulating things, including the zombies, for their own terrible ends. And to make things works, Alice is changing – she sees someone else when she looks in the mirror, and is starting to have a hunger for flesh…

I like these books. They are a really good, fun read, with some spicy moments (as you would expect from a book which is published by Harlequin Books). I mean, the characters all drive me somewhat nuts with their umming and ahing and not telling each other what they mean, or keeping secrets, or going against each other. But it all works out… onto part three!

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