Maestra by L.S. Hilton – Book Review

Judith works in an auction house in London, somewhere down the bottom end of things, barely able to cover her living expenses, but she has ambition. However, this is an erotic fiction and before long, she’s finding some sexy ways to pay the bills. But then (because this is also an erotic suspense) she comes across something unusual happening at work and finds herself out of a job.  Rather than swelling on this, she convinces a man to take her and a friend to France for an erotic getaway, but things go terribly wrong.

This is not a book I would typically choose, but when a friend told me that she had stumbled across it at a friend’s holiday house and told me of how ridiculous it was, I had to have a go. I think erotic writing is really hard to do without it seeming silly, and this book indeed did seem silly. There is a plot that works quite well, and there is a female protagonist who is generally taking control of situations. It was a quick read, and a fun read, but not something I’d recommend to most people – unless you’re after a kinda sexy laugh.

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