Westworld vs Westworld

Westworld – TV Review

It’s the future.  Westworld is a holiday destination where the average people can go to the Wild West and live their dreams, be it searching for gold, have a shoot out with the bad guys, visit the hookers – the possibilities are endless. What’s more, the guests can’t die, but the people in the world can, because they are robots. But what happens when the robots start to become self-aware?

This is intense and fun. I particularly love the parts in the real world – behind the scenes, where the robots are built and repaired. There is a lot going on, and you have to pay a lot of attention to ensure that you are following the  various plots and how they work together, and there are a couple of things that I am not one hundred per cent sure that I even get. I just hope that I can manage to keep up for season two.

Westworld (1973) Film Review

I’m really glad that I watched this after the series – not that the TV show gives away any plot points, it just seemed to work better for me. The film is great – very seventies, and I liked the fact that the film had more on the other worlds – the one set in medieval times, and the other set in ancient Rome. It was great, clever, and actually quite sad.

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