Africa Screams (1949) Film Review

I’ve never seen a whole Abbott and Costello film. I’ve enjoyed seeing short routines like ‘Who’s one First’ and ‘7 x 13 = 28’, but a whole film? That’s a lot of Abbott and Costello. I actually have no idea why I had this DVD, but I felt I had to watch it before taking it to the op shop. Yes, the relationship between the two of them is pretty fantastic, but overall, unsurprisingly, it’s… shall we say, of its time? (Read racist and sexist – especially massively racist – oh my goodness, so massively so!). Mind you, there is some early special effects that are… we, there. And then there are a lot of animals, and you just know that these animals wouldn’t have been treated all that well.

I’m happy to leave these type of films well and truly in the past.

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