Worth Dying For by Lee Child – Book Revew

*spoiler from previous book*

At the end of 61 Hours, the previous in the Jack Reacher series, we don’t know what’s happened to Jack. Last we saw him, he was in a strange bunker with only one way out when there was a huge explosion and, as far as we knew, he was gone. Of course, when there are 20+ books, there’s a fair chance we’ll see him again. And here he turns up in a small town in Nebraksa, walking a bit stiffly but otherwise seeming to be ok. But, then he runs into trouble. Well, of course he does. See, he’s in the bar of a motel when the town alcoholic doctor receives a call to treat a battered woman, and refuses. Reacher is a good citizen and insists on helping the woman. Only she’s the wife of a nasty guy, and by helping, Reacher has started a whole thing. And being a good citizen, he can’t just let things be.

Horrible bad guys, violence, Reacher smashing people’s legs and arms and faces and all kinds. The only thing missing in this is the ‘romance’ – and by romance, Reacher doesn’t get any one-on-one lady time this book. But he’s on his way to Virginia to try to find the woman from the phone in 61 Hours, so I guess he had to stay faithful.

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