Wasted: A story of alcohol, grief and a death in Brisbane by Elspeth Muir – Book Review

Elspeth lost her brother to drowning after a night on the piss. It’s unclear whether he died deliberately or if it was accidental – this was a man who drank to excess a lot of the time – and it wasn’t just him. It was his mates, it was his family, it was his sister. It’s a culture that Elspeth Muir is calling out from the centre of it all. Why do we drink to excess so often? What is it about our culture that we often deliberately head out to get trashed, and find the stories of fights or arrests or rape (often just thought of as drunken sex, however as we know, if you are passed out, there’s no consent there. That’s rape) get laughed off as battle stories. It’s not an easy read, Muir has freely admitted to many things that she has done that are not great – but it is honest, and tough, and worth taking the time to read.

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