Never Go Back by Lee Child – Book Review

Finally, after several books, Reacher has made it to Virginia to meet Major Susan Turner, the voice on the other end of the line, only to discover that she’s been arrested and, to him, it all seems very suss. Then he’s informed that he is under investigation on two counts, one which is a lawsuit from a woman claiming that he is the father of her daughter. He could walk away from Susan and the investigations would disappear, but that’s not Reacher’s way.

This is the book that forms the basis of the second Reacher film starring Tom Cruise. As such, reading the book, I kept thinking I knew what was coming, but the film is quite different to the book. Having seen the film really ruined the book for me, which is a shame. Still, there are a whole heap more Reacher books that I’ll be able to enjoy that haven’t been ruined…

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