Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay – Audio Book Review

Roxane Gay has been appearing in my media consumption regularly over the years, and I so often find myself making noises of agreement, or anger, or frustration. She writes hard stuff, and funny stuff, and truthful stuff. Finally, I decided it was time to read Bad Feminist (and it was partly inspired by a recent tweet by Gay suggesting that a lot of women really needed to revisit it).

There’s so much to it. Personal essays about her life, some of which were hilarious, some of which were heartbreaking. Reviews of films and books, reviews which really get stuck into the often-problematic nature of our entertainment. I was disappointed when I first started to listen to it to discover that it wasn’t being read by Gay, and every so often it felt a little not quite right, but I can’t put my finger on what it was. The other thing is, because it was published in 2014, there are so many things that are so much worse. At times, driving in my car, I’d be talking back say “oh, you think that’s bad… just wait a few years. We’re not at rock bottom yet!”


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