Green Girl by Kate Zambreno – Book Review

Ruth is a young, American woman living in London, living in a crappy boarding house, working as a perfume spruiker at Harrods and struggling with who she is. She is lost and unsure of herself, allowing herself to be lead through life. At times, it seems she is totally dissociated from herself.

I lived in London around the same age as Ruth, though about a decade earlier. I found that there were parts of this book that really resonated – the loneliness, the friends who you barely know and yet feel closer to than anything, the sort-of homesickness, and the need to stick it all out. But I was never so lost, and it felt somewhat heartbreaking to read Ruth’s story. Since I finished reading this book, I often think of Ruth. Where would she go at the end of this? Would she be okay? I hope she’s okay.

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