Sink or Swim (Le Grand Bain) (2018) Film Review

Bertrand (Mathieu Amalric) is depressed, unable to go to work and his wife is finding it difficult to be understanding. Going for a swim, he sees a notice for a men’s synchronised swimming team and decides to give it a go. They are a bunch of middle-aged misfits – stuck in bad jobs, dealing with anger issues, not reaching the goals they wanted in life. They bond, and then they discover the European men’s synchronised swim team competition and decide to give it a go.

This film is kind of charming, but it drove me a bit nuts. I didn’t love the casual racism and homophobia throughout, and I felt like it was trying to cover far too many stories within the one film. There were moments that I really enjoyed, and I could even appreciate the ridiculous competition, but overall I just didn’t love it.

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