American Gods by Neil Gaiman – Audio Book Review

Shadow is counting the last few days before he is released from jail, to reunite with the love of his life when he is informed that she has been killed in a car accident. He is released early  to attend her funeral, but he is left heartbroken and bereft, unsure about how to live his life. Then he meets Mr Wednesday and he finds his life taking unexpected turns. Gods are real, with old gods coming to new shores as waves of migrants arrive in America. But what happens if people stop believing in the gods?

I loved this so much; the concept is totally down my alley. Gaiman has such a beautiful way to bring the concept together, and I do love a story that I have no idea about what is happening or why until the pieces fall into place. As an audiobook, it had a variety of readers including Gaiman himself (and being the tenth anniversary edition, it was the author preferred text with bonus material). My one issue was that I didn’t love the voice of Shadow. I didn’t hate it, but it just didn’t sound like Shadow to me.  It’s the risk that you take with audiobooks, but generally I loved listening to this and was excited to hear that Shadow reappears in other of Gaiman’s books and short stories. I’m looking forward to tracking them down.


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