milk and honey by rupi kaur – Book Review

I’ve never been a real poetry lover. I think it’s because, at school, I had some teachers who were very passionate about poetry that didn’t touch me, and it all felt a bit fake and forced. Now, I would rarely pick up a collection of poetry, and if I come across a poem in a magazine or at the start of a chapter of a book or the like, more often than not, I automatically skip it, or have to make an effort to concentrate as I read it. I had heard a lot about rupi kaur (on her book and online stuff, she seems to write her name without capitalisation, but it also appears with capitals, I’m not sure what she prefers. I’m sticking to what she’s put out there) and so thought I’d give it a try.

milk and honey is a book of poetry and drawings in 4 parts, telling of deep emotions – love and pain, abuse and power. It’s confronting and touching. Not every poem was for me, but as a collection, it was easy to get lost in. I can’t say that I’m going to develop a poetry habit, but I’ll certainly be open to paying a bit more attention.

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