Plainsong by Keith Haruf – Book Review

Holt is a small fictional town in Colorado and this novel is like a series of snapshots or vignettes from this town. There’s Tom Guthrie whose wife is suffering some type of breakdown and his two young sons who are trying to deal with that along with the general difficulties of growing up. There’s Victoria, a teenager who discovers she is pregnant. Kicked out by her mother, she stays with her teacher, Maggie, who is dealing with her father who is suffering from dementia and is erratic. Then there are the wonderful McPheron brothers who are older men on a farm, neither married, who kind of hold everything together in a way.

It’s a beautiful book. It’s beautifully written and just a delight to read. It’s kind of tragic but wonderful and fantastic. It also feels like it could have started at any other point and ended anywhere else – these are stories that go on and on. Lovely.

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