Last of the Sane Days by Fiona Capp – Book Review

Hilary and Eva were best friends when they were young, travelling the world. Despite Eva moving to a farm, marrying a surly farmer and having a child, and Hilary living the busy life as a doctor working in the city, when the women get together, they remain close. Many years later, facing a mid-life crisis, Hilary travels to Europe where she bumps into the now-adult son of Eva, Rafael. Rafael is ill, and Hilary feels an obligation to take care of him. But things take a strange turn of events.

I enjoy Capp’s writing, and there were a lot of parts of this story which I was totally on board with, but I found the twists and turns of the relationship between Hilary and Rafael just too strange and unbelievable. But, then, I think that was the point. It certainly wasn’t a book to make you feel comfortable.

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