Trash by Andy Mulligan – Book Review

Raphael lives in one the massive dumps in the Philippines. He and the others who live there spend their days sorting through rubbish hoping to find treasure. Mostly, they find crap (literally), but one day, he finds a leather bag that changes his life. It contains clues to a mystery and, rather than handing it to the authorities who and trying to track it down, he and his friends and searching to solve the mystery contained within.

I really enjoy the premise – surely, this is one of the worst existences of humans on the planet, living on and making a living from other the waste of others. Yet, for these characters, this is their life, and it is normal. They see the way others live but cannot relate. And then – hope? A chance for change? I think I would have enjoyed this more if it were a book written for an older audience. As it was, I felt that the story became implausible and I just wanted it finished. Saying that, I really enjoyed the two main characters, and I liked that it didn’t shy away from the concept of corruption in government, even as a book for young reader.

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