Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (2004) Film Review

It’s 1958 and Katey(Romola Garai) has been dragged to Cuba for her father’s work, but she doesn’t fit in with all of the other Americans. She ends up befriending hotel worker Javier (Deigo Luna), but when she accidentally causes him to lose his job, she feels obliged to help him win money for his family in a dance contest.

Why do I have this DVD? I have no idea. I’m not a Dirty Dancing fan, and the only reason that I kept this DVD (wherever it came from) was that I heard a great story once from Peter Segal (perhaps on the Moth podcast, or This American Life, or something similar) about how he wrote it as a film about Havana in the time when Castro came to power yet it somehow ended up being a film about an American teen dancing with a Cuban teen. Not at all my type of film, yet… I kind of liked it. Which surprised me. I mean, I was very distracted by the fact that Diego Luna has a Chris Lilley look about him, which meant I kept expecting him to  turn into an over-the-top character, but so long as I could ignore that, I kind of liked it. Certainly, great music.

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