Bird Box (2018) Film Review

The world has been attacked by a mysterious force that, when a person sees it, they are sent to extreme suicidal despair. Malorie (Sandra Bullock) is with two small children when she needs to get to the river and travel down the river in silence and blindfolded to find a place of refuge.

I am not good with horror films or suspense. And I watched this alone at night and that was not a great idea. Although, it’s actually not that scary, just very tense. I certainly was clenching my teeth and, at times, I was literally on the edge of my seat, hands in fists. I suspect that lovers of horror may not love this film, I look forward to hearing from others what they think. I watched it simply because I read an article where Stephen King had blasted critics for disliking the film because of ‘Netflix bias’ – that is, a bias against films made by streaming services as opposed to ‘real films’ that get cinema release. Certainly, this film would have been too much for me in the cinema.

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