iZombie – TV Review

There’s a zombie plague and no-one knows it. Olivia Moore (Rose McIver – and yes, Olivia is known to her friends as Liv. Live More – get it?) has managed to keep living a semi-normal life, although it is complicated somewhat by keeping her secret from her family and friends and balancing this with her job at the morgue (easy access to brains- she’s not stupid. She is a doctor, after all). Luckily, her boss Ravi (Rahul Kohli) discovers her secret and is working to find a cure, and Liv finds some life motivation when she discovers that when she eats the brains, she takes on some of the personality of the deceased, as well as having flashbacks to their life. Working with Detective Babinequx (Malcolm Goodwin) and posing as a very accurate psychic, Liv is able to solve crimes. And if that’s not enough… well, there’s heaps more.

I love this. Fun, funny, Rose McIver is fabulous. It’s kind of a police drama with zombies and craziness, and… if any of this appeals to you in the slightest, watch it. I thought it was going to jump the shark at the end of the second season, and I guess it did a bit. I still enjoyed it through to the end, but the first couple of seasons are by far the best.

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