Van Helsing – TV Review

The world as we know it has been destroyed. Not by zombies – that’s the Walking Dead. Not by aliens – that’s Falling Skies. This time it is vampires. Kind of. Vampires, but not as we know it. And there is one cure – Van Helsing – well, a distant descendant of the legendary monster-fighter, and of course she doesn’t know that she is the cure, and she meets up with a group, and there are leaders and followers and those who don’t trust the others and those who betray, and a tall, creepy guy and then season one is over.

Did I like it? Yeah, it was ok. Do I think it will be a big hit? No. Not with the hype around The Walking Dead. Do I regret watching it? No, but only because I kept myself busy while watching it. It’s not great, it’s a bit of gory fun.

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