A Kiss in the Dark by Cat Clare – Book Review *slight spoiler*

Alex and Kate meet in an online chat about a band that they both love, and they agree to meet at the gig and before you know it, they’re in love. There’s just a little secret – Kate doesn’t know that Alex is a girl.

I’m conflicted by this book. This is the second YA LGBT book which I have read recently that has someone pretending to be something that they are not – Adam had a teenage boy pretending to be a trans boy. Both start off relatively innocently and both end up being a terrible deception. And ultimately, things work out for each of them. I had more issues with Adam than A Kiss in the Dark, despite each of them being problematic. A Kiss in the Dark takes a different turn, with Kate’s life snowballing out of control. I guess that it’s important that many, varying stories need to be told, but the plot and the way it played out made me feel uncomfortable.



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