Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (2020) Film Review

I’m not a massive Eurovision fan – I’ve had my moments, certainly back in my share house days we used to get our Eurovision on, but in recent decades I haven’t been that engaged – even when they mysteriously have recently allowed Australia to compete despite being an awful long way away from Europe.

Somehow, this ridiculous film captures the ridiculousness of Eurovision, the mysterious styles and songs that happen year after year. Lars (Will Ferrell) and Sigrit (Rachel McAdams) are neighbours in Iceland who have always dreamt of performing together and winning Eurovision. So when a series of events land them their country’s spot, they are determined to face their fears and win.

It’s so dumb and silly and stupid and stunning and funny and really the perfect film to come out in the middle of a pandemic where the world is still and we need some cheerful stuff amongst the serial killers and the darkness. (Oh, and when I say serial killers, I mean I’m watching and reading a lot of serial killer stuff. As far as I know, serial killers have not been more prevalent in 2020 than any other time.)

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