Project Power (2020) Film Review

Right, so, there’s a pill that you can take that will give you 5 minutes of superpower, only you don’t know what superpower you’ll get. Although… I think once you know, you have the same superpower each time. I think. I got a bit confused on that. Anyhow, it’s very illegal. And the cops are corrupt. So what’s a ‘good’ (or at least, kind of good) cop like Frank (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) to do? Then there’s Art (Jamie Foxx) who’s trying to track down his daughter who is a super power source and somehow the origin of the powers in these drugs (again, a bit confused on that) and there’s Robin (Dominique Fishback), a teenager who deals the drugs. And they all end up kind of working together.

Look, despite the fact that I’m a bit fuzzy on the working of this, I quite enjoyed it. Sci fi, a heap of action, a fair bit of humour, and I’m in.

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