Razorback (1984) Film Review

There’s a certain type of film from Australia in the 70s and 80s that has become iconic, and that’s the horror gothic film. For a really good look at them, check out the doco Not Quite Hollywood for more. But Razorback is definitely one of the classics.

Set in the deep outback (probably Broken Hill where Mad Max and others were filmed), a US journalist, Beth Winters (Judy Morris) ends up on the trail of a killer wild pig. As is Jake Cullen (Bill Kerr), whose grandson was killed by the pig and he’s out for revenge. Add a couple of really creepy guys and a lot of darkness and it’s great. I mean, it’s quite terrible, but it’s also amazing. Definitely one for a watch, preferably in the company of friends… or I reckon it would be a great one for a moonlight cinema screening. Especially in Broken Hill or somewhere similar. Oh, that would be too scary.

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