Below Deck by Sophie Hardcastle – Book Review

Below Deck follows a few periods of time in the life of Oli. First, she is in a bad relationship when she meets an odd couple who take her sailing and help her to find her way. Later, she’s working on boats when she ends up on a disastrous cruise. Later again, she’s living in the UK and working in the world of art and galleries, and finally she’s on a trip to Antarctica with a group of strong female artists.

This book covers some pretty hard stuff and is really hard to read. I personally didn’t really warm to Oli and felt that some of the choices made were a bit of a leap, especially in the first section, but that changed as I continued to read. I found Hardcastle’s writing style compelling  and I’m glad I engaged more with the book as I went on. I certainly found the end of the book moving and uplifting. Finally.

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