Frank Skinner Autobiography by Frank Skinner – Book Review

I’ve been listening to the Frank Skinner radio show podcast for years now – it’s been more than ten years I think. I knew who Skinner was back when I lived in the UK, but I’ve really come to love him over the years. His autobiography has been mentioned occasionally, but with a pandemic on, I thought I’d best get my hands on it and give it a read.

It is odd reading a biography of someone which has dated – Skinner writes about ‘current’ events which are now well and truly done. I found this particularly odd when he writes about his girlfriend, but it’s not his current long-term partner.  Still, it’s fascinating to read what he’s chosen to put in and what he has to say about it. I would say if you aren’t a fan, probably don’t bother. If you are a fan… you probably know a lot of it anyhow, but it’s nice to read his voice for a while.

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