Playing Beatie Bow by Ruth Park – Audio Book Review

It’s the early 80s in Sydney. Abigail’s parents are splitting and she’s not coping well with this. Often, she takes the children from her next door neighbour in the apartment block down to the playground, and they see a strange girl hanging about. One day, on her own, Abigail chases her and ends up travelling back in time a hundred years, unsure of how to get home, but safely taken care of by the family of the little girl, Beatie Bow.

I LOVED this book as a kid. Reading it now, there are some aspects that I still enjoyed, but jeez, Abigail is annoying. Plus the whole splitting up parents storyline is oh so fraught and problematic. I suppose it’s all a product of its time, but… ooch. Hard to love it so much. Some things perhaps should just live in our memories!

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