Rodham by Curtis Sittenfeld – Book Review

This is a strange one… Sittenfeld has created an alternative reality book based on what would have happened had Hilary not married Bill (these are the Clintons we’re talking about here). It’s strange because… Hilary’s a real person. In fact, many people in this book are real. And current. And reading about them in this way is… well, it’s strange. To say the least!

Firstly, the opening section is the ‘reality’ – it’s an historical fiction account of Hilary’s life when she met Bill and how they got together. With a lot of sex, which given that they are (as mentioned previously) real, it’s… strange. Then things branch out into an alternative reality, when Sittenfeld makes up what might have happened.

Despite the strangeness, I was compelled to read this book. I just couldn’t put it down. I kind of loved it.

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