Soon by Morris Gleitzman – Book Review

The war is over, but as Felix has discovered, this does not mean people have changed. In Poland, militaristic patriotic groups have sprouted and are forcing anyone with less than pure Polish blood to either leave or be killed. There is not enough food, streets are filled with rubble and, beneath the rubble, dead people. Felix is living in hiding with a small child when he stumbles into a bad situation – the kind of bad situation that leaves you with a death threat hanging over you and a small baby that you cannot care for in your arms. To help himself and the child, he must trust people and his own instincts.

It’s wonderful to be back in Felix’s world, even though it is a tough and scary world. But what is truly wonderful is I’ve not read much set post-WWII, and this is fascinating. To see Poland at peace, but not yet at peace, to see the struggles that they have to go through. It was painfully wonderful.

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