Cruella (2021) Film Review

As a child, she watched her mother fall from a cliff while talking to a stranger and always felt responsible for her death. Skip forward a decade or so,  Estella (Emma Stone) flees to London where she, Jasper (Joel Fry) and Horace (Paul Walker Hauser) make a living from petty crime, but she dreams of a life in fashion. Through a series of chances, she ends up working for The Baroness (Emma Thompson) and pieces several things together, finding herself in the prefect position to wreak revenge.

I loved this so much. Emma Stone and Emma Thompson were both magnificent, the cast overall were fabulous. I loved the origin story of a villain being told without having them as a total angel – she was naturally quite villainous, although there was very much a sense of justice which drove her. And to have a second, even more villainous villain… wonderful. As someone who hasn’t seen 101 Dalmatians in any form, I’m interested now to watch that and see how it works in canonically.

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