In The Heights (2021) Film Review

Usnavi (Anthony Ramos) runs a bodega in Washington Heights, and his dream is to return to his father’s homeland, Dominican Republic. Meanwhile, he’s in love but scared to act on it, a woman wants to pursue a career in fashion design but can’t see how to achieve this, a young woman returns from college scared to tell her father she’s dropping out, a young man sees his future failing because of his undocumented status, and a young man is about to lose his job as the owner sells. Oh, and the local beauty salon is being priced out and has to move. Essentially, everything is changing.

Before seeing this, one of my mate’s kids told me that there was too much singing and she didn’t really understand what was going on. While I had a fair understanding of what was happening, there were a lot of plots and it felt a bit all over the place. And it was a long film with a lot of singing. Yes, there are plenty of great songs, and some really amazing sequences, and it’s certainly worth a watch, but I’m not going to be racing to watch it again.

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