Multiplicity (1996) Film Review

It’s funny how much you can remember enjoying a film, but when you go back to re-watch, it’s nowhere near as funny or clever as you remember…

So, Multiplicity. Doug (Michael Keaton) is a contractor with more work than he can handle, plus a wife, Laura (Andie McDowell) who is ready to return to work and young kids. He just can’t have it all… until he meets a scientist who can solve his problems. He has a magic cloning device that can create another Doug. One can work, one can do family stuff. Great… although then Doug 2 wants more and there’s Doug 3. And Doug 4…

So, forget about all of the ‘what if’ questions that are raised. Forget about the fact that there are 4 identical looking men wandering around one property and around the suburb. Forget about the fact that Laura surely would have noticed more. It’s just… not that funny. In fact, for the most part, it’s pretty boring. And long. And then there’s the ableism and the misogyny… (of it’s time? Could have still been better).

If you remember this being a hilarious film, watch the trailer. That pretty much gets all the funny stuff.

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