Sleeping Beauty (2011) Film Review

Lucy (Emily Browning) is a student who is struggling to make ends meet, and starts working for a catering company which runs events with scantily clad women who may or may not provide additional services, eventually moving to become a Sleeping Beauty – a woman who is placed in sedation and left in a room with a man, to not know what happens.

The concept is super-questionable. The story is extremely confusing, with additional characters and stories that don’t seem to add to the overall story. It ends at a point which leaves the audience in the dark about everything. I just don’t get it. It felt as though it could have been something, a real kicking off point for the director and others, but it just needed something more. I’d like to see the writer/director on another project, but unfortunately it she hasn’t directed anything since. At least it is always wonderful to watch Emily Browning on screen. Oh, and there’s a tiny spotting of Sarah Snook, another actor I love. And Ewen Leslie. And Nathan Page is in there. So many familiar faces!

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