Superintelligence (2020) Film Review

Carol (Melissa McCarthy) is a quirky woman who gave up a high-powered career in tech to find more meaning and now has a series of strange jobs. Suddenly, she finds James Cordon talking to her through her appliances and her phone. This is Superintelligence, a form of artificial intelligence that has come to life through human-created technology and is trying to decide if the world is worth saving. Following Carol, and creating every opportunity for her to do whatever she wants in the knowledge that, depending on her choices, the world may end in 3 days. Her focus is George (Bobby Cannavale), her ex, and seeing if there is the opportunity for a second chance.

I went in not knowing anything about this film, and kind of expected a sci fi drama type thing, not a romantic comedy. It was certainly exciting seeing Melissa McCarthy as a romantic lead – more of that please! But the story left questions unanswered. I mean, it was a pretty outlandish concept, the idea of the future of the whole world coming down to one person. And watching this during a global pandemic, the concept that worked worst was the idea that the entire planet, all governments, could work together against a common threat. If we’ve learnt nothing from the pandemic, we’ve learnt that this planet can’t come together as one, even when the threat is real and killing millions.

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