Valley Girl (1983) vs Valley Girl (2020) Film Reviews

Valley Girl (1983) Film Review

A privileged, rich white girl seemingly living the perfect life meets a punk rocker and her world is turned upside down. Add in some sexual assault, some very heavy and creepy stalking, a deeply disturbing homophobic song played at the prom and you’ve got Valley Girl. I watched this because I felt like some Nicolas Cage and the film name had been in my head – probably because of the below take on the same film – and it was a terrible experience. There is really little to like in this film. I wonder how differently it would have be received in 1983 compared to 2020?

Valley Girl (2020) Film Review

This is kind of a remake of the above film, or a reimagining, or maybe a kind of sequel… I’m writing this a few months after watching due to life getting in the way, and I have very little memory of this film. I vaguely recall it follows a similar storyline, and I seem to recall some good dance numbers – oh, yes. It’s a musical. A ‘jukebox’ musical. I’m not going to race back to watch it, but I think it was ok. Unfortunately, I think any chance of enjoying this film was hugely thwarted by how much I disliked the original.

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