Don’t Read the Comments by Eric Smith – Book Review

Divya is a streamer – playing a game called Reclaim the Sun, an online experience where players visit planets and explore and… I’m not quite sure what else. Then suddenly, she and her followers are attacked, and she finds that there is a group of nasties online that are targeting her because she is not white and male. Meanwhile, Aaron is working at his mother’s medical practice and working on building a career writing scenarios for games. But his intentions run counter to those of his parents, and he is having issue with his fellow game developers. Divya and Aaron meet online and at least they can get some respite from the rest of it when they are together.

It’s a world I’m not familiar with. I’m not a gamer, and the idea of watching someone else playing a game is totally beyond me. And this seemed to start as a general tech fun YA book. And then the misogyny and racism kicked in and it went up a level or two. In the end, I really loved it. Fast, exciting and very, very YA fun.

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