Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (Book Review)

Cath and Wren, twins, are going to college. Wren is outgoing, looking forward to establishing her own way, even if it means leaving Cath in her wake. Cath, our protagonist, is anxious and struggles to find her way without the sister who has always been there for her. The one thing she has is her fanfiction. Cath writes about Simon Snow, a Harry Potter-style character, and the world she creates is read by thousands across the globe. How can she find her own way while she is living in a fantasy world?

I love Rowell’s writing, the way she creates these characters who I very quickly come to love and want (desperately want) to see them  succeed. I read Carry On (which is the fanfiction which Cath is writing in this novel, and which Rowell published separately) a few years ago, and now I really wish I’d read this first. Maybe one day I’ll go back to Carry On, now I’ve strangely seen how it was created.

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