Future Girl by Asphyxia – Book Review

It’s some time in the future, and there are huge food shortages in the world. A large company now provides people with ready made meals that contain nutrients enough to keep people going, along with inbuilt medical treatment. ‘Wild food’ – food that is grown and prepared naturally – is reported widely as causing  severe poisoning. In this world, in Melbourne, live Piper and her mother. Piper is deaf and has been raised by her mother to pass as ‘normal’ and to toe the company line on the food nutrients. She meets Marley and is introduced to a world with possibilities beyond her imagination.

There are so many reasons to love this book. It’s an own voices book – that is, the author, Asphyxia, is deaf. It is so important to have own voices books in the world. Also, the book is beautiful – Piper is an artist, as is Asphyxia, and every page contains colour and drawings and beauty. Then, as a Melburnian, reading about my neighbourhood is delightful – even in a dystopian future that seems very possible. I highly recommend this book.

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