Smart Ovens for Lonely People by Elizabeth Tan – Book Review

What an intriguing title! This is the second book by Elizabeth Tan (the first, a novel called Rubrik, is on my wish-list now), her first collection of short stories. It’s very funny, a bit of magical realism at times, or perhaps sci fi, or just strange goings on. I loved her story titles almost as much as I enjoyed the stories – my two favourites were ‘Shirt dresses that look a little too much like shirts so that it looks like you forgot to put on pants (love will save the day)’ and ‘Mounting sexual tension between two long-time friends; Tom knows that Ant is a spy but Ant doesn’t’

I really loved this collection. Just thinking back on the stories, there were so many that I really loved. The ASMR competition. That’s often going to pop into my mind and I’ll have a chuckle.

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