The End of the World is Bigger than Love by Davina Bell (Book Review)

Something has happened to the world. Something that is never extremely clear, but something that has left teenage twins Summer and Winter living on a island, surviving on a stockpile of food left by their father and books left by their mother. They don’t know exactly what is happening outside their tiny world, but have a set of instructions on what to do if… something. Then Edward arrives and things change.

I just had a look through the reviews on GoodReads and it seems that most people loved this, many feel the need to read again to get their head around it, but a few people hate it with an absolute passion. For me, I really enjoyed it. Yes, it was confusing. It was written from the perspectives of the two sisters, and each told totally different parts of the story, so strangely that it’s impossible to know a single true story. I can see why people might hate this. But… it just really worked for me.

The End of the World is Bigger than Love was the winner of the Ethel Turner Prize for Young Adult’s Literature in the  NSW Premier’s Literary Awards, 2021, was commended in the category of Writing for Young Adults in the Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards, 2021 and was shortlisted in the Readings Young Adult Book Prize, 2021.

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