The Midnight Library by Matt Haig (Book Review)

Nora, unhappy with her life in just about every aspect, dies. But rather than some heavenly afterlife, she finds herself in a library with infinite possibilities to live her life in a different way, with the instruction that one of these would be the life she would remain in.

I loved the idea of this book, of following the ‘what ifs’ we all hold of our past. However, I veered between really enjoying the execution of the new worlds and being annoyed with the way they played out. It had a bit of a ‘trolley problem’ about it, and I found some of the resolution resting firmly on a very specific world view that can be read as leaning toward misogyny and a misunderstanding of women. Although I suspect that my thoughts on that could lead to a very interesting debate. Also… it left me at the end wondering if it is possible to have a life with no regrets (I doubt it) and how much the human experience would be lessened by that.

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