Tiger Daughter by Rebecca Lim (Book Review)

Wen lives with her parents but dreams of a different future. Chinese immigrants to Australia, Wen’s father was unable to transfer his career in medicine to Australia and works in a restaurant, ruling his small family with an iron fist. Her mother tries to live up to her father’s expectations, and desperately wants her daughter to fall into line to make their lives easier. Wen and her friend Henry, who is an immigrant along with his family, are working toward a scholarship to a select-entry school that will give them greater academic possibilities than the one they currently attend. But it is a delicate balancing act between the life they live and the future they may have.

This is a wonderful book that made me laugh and cry. Actually, I cried quite a lot. It’s an excellent YA novel showing that change may indeed be possible. With work. And that life is hard, but sometimes you’re not as alone as you may think.

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