Turtles All the Way Down by John Green – Book Review

A billionaire has gone missing and there is a huge reward for information about him. Aza, a teenager with OCD which takes the form of a fear of germs and illness, recalls to her best friend Daisy that she was best friends with the billionaire’s son, Davis, and they investigate. However, one thing leads to another and Aza and Davis rekindle their friendship, moving into a romantic relationship.

John Green explores relationships so well… the challenges and joys of them. His depiction of OCD appears to be very compassionate and believable. My key issue with the book was that, for some reason, I read Aza as a male character, and I kept being drawn out of the world when I realised that Aza was female. However, even looking back, I can’t see why this was an issue for me; perhaps I’ve been reading a lot of queer fiction and it my brain just expects it?

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