The Umbrella Academy vs The Umbrella Academy – Book and TV Review

The Umbrella Academy – TV Review

A series of mysterious births happen simultaneously across the globe. Mysterious because the mothers were not pregnant, and then suddenly are, and are in labor. A strange man, Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore) adopts seven of them and raise them as the Umbrella Academy, a group of crime fighting children. See, they have powers. Skip to current day, the group have divided and are brought back because Hargreeves is dead. However one of them died years ago, another disappeared and the others are estranged from each other. When the disappeared time traveller appears and tells them that the world is about to end, they need to work together to stop the destruction. But can they?

I loved this series. I loved the strange characters, I loved the way the story was put together, I loved the second series, taking the characters that were now established and dropping them into the sixties. And there’s another coming, and that’s terribly exciting. As often is the case with me, watching has made me curious about the source material, so I got my hands on the graphic novels.

The Umbrella Academy by Gerard Way- Book Review

I’ve not read a lot of graphic novels, and I really wasn’t sure on what to expect. I was surprised about just how different the actual plot was from the books to the series, but the spirit was there, and the characters were pretty close. I consumed the books quickly and look forward to going back over them a few more times, as I know that I’ve missed crucial stuff. I have to say, I have an appreciation for what people love about graphic novels and comics, though I don’t think they’ll ever be 100% my cup of tea.

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