Tenet (2020) Film Review

Christopher Nolan goes to a whole new level of “what the hell is going on” in Tenet, a world where there is a kind of parallel word, and the bad guys get weapons from the parallel world that work backwards in our world, which no matter how much I try to get my brain around it, just doesn’t make sense. And then the main character, Protagonist (John David Washington), called protagonist because… probably a really deep reason… meets Kat (Elizabeth Debicki) and again, for no real reason, needs to save her more than he needs to save the world. Because. Why? I guess I felt that there was no clear set-up for Protagonist to be a caring character who wants to save a woman in an abusive relationship and I felt there was no chemistry of any kind between the two, so I couldn’t believe his choices.

You may have guessed that I didn’t really like the film. It is stunning, the casting is pretty impressive, but I just didn’t buy the science, I didn’t buy the plots and I didn’t buy it overall. But what I did love were the scenes with all of the crazy action, forwards and backwards, and who is who? I wouldn’t not recommend this, but I think I would recommend it for someone who is prepared to be very accepting of a world and plot that doesn’t necessarily make sense, and is prepared to simply enjoy the journey.

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