The Full Monty (1997) Film Review

It’s Sheffield in the late nineties. The steel mill which employed most of the town has closed and unemployment and depression is high. Gaz (Robert Carlyle) is struggling to make ends meet and to keep his relationship with his son alive. After seeing a male review selling out the local club, he and mate Dave (Mark Addy) decide to put on their own review, but as they are normal blokes, not the societal image of perfection, they need a drawcard… their crew will go fully nude.

This was such a classic, it’s one of those films I feared revisiting. There are certainly aspects that clang, in particular the casual homophobic comments and the like. But overall, it holds up. It’s funny, it’s depressing, it’s heartwarming. It might try to cover maybe a few too many issues, but it works.

The Full Monty won an Oscar for Best Music, Original Musical or Comedy Score and was nominated for Best Picture, Best Director (Peter Cattaneo) and Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen (Simon Beaufoy)

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