The Tomorrow War (2021) Film Review

There’s a war in the future against some incredible insect creatures, and these creatures have killed off all of the soldiers in the future. So there’s technology that allows the future people to come back, forcefully conscribe people in the present to skip forward and fight, and they go for seven days and then are sent back. Now, either I missed a bit, or they don’t address how that impacts on the future… you know, all the ‘rules’ of time travel and how they actually impact on the world and life and the like.

It’s one of those wonderful/terrible action films – things don’t necessarily make sense. But there’s heaps of running and fighting, and I love that many of the conscripts are pretty normal people. The creatures are awesome – genuinely creepy and scary, I love them. They make the film worthwhile. Overall, the film is too long, the plot is ridiculous (but I’m happy with that) but I didn’t mind spending a couple of hours with it.

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