Frog Music by Emma Donoghue – Book Review

Blanche is a French dancer who provides private services for gentlemen in San Francisco in the 1876. She came to the US with two gentlemen, her lover and his friend; all three met performing in Paris, but now she supports their lifestyles. Along comes Jenny who wears men’s clothes and acts in ways unbecoming to a woman. When Jenny is killed in the presence of Blanche, Blanche is left to try to work out what has happened, and how to move forward.

This book was all over the shop. I’ve loved other work by Donoghue, but this did not work for me. I loved the setting, and I think that she crafted some great characters. The structure jumped from past to present, which is often a strong way of revealing mysteries but, in this case, muddied the water for me. I wanted to enjoy this, but I didn’t.

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